Chick Lit-2016 Book Reviews

Hey strangers,

Sorry for the lack of posts of late. I’ve been enjoying life in the real world-doing things, going places, seeing people, eating nice food, eating not-so-nice food, buying things, making myself up, making myself down and just, you know-existing.

I’ve also been reading more. Much more.

Here are some books that I was inspired to read around International Women’s Day. And I meant what I said in my Twitter post about smashing glass ceilings and empowering one another. What is that they say? ‘Girls compete with each other, women empower one other.’ Very true. We have a younger generation of women to inspire and to set on the right path.

Hot Feminist by Polly Vernon

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An easy and enjoyable read. This is a  sassy take on feminism as we once knew it. This book is fab because it challenges the boundaries of the conventional feminist ideology and in doing so, makes the movement a lot more accessible to a much greater group of modern women.

I’m sure I don’t just speak for myself when I say that a lot of the women who I know nowadays are intellectually brilliant, with a keen awareness and a profound understanding of modern society, as well as enjoying being fashion savvy. Most of them could nearly sit an exam on the myriad that is MAC Lipstick and pass it with flying colours-literally. They enjoy nights out, dressing sharply, as well as enjoying a bit of male company from time to time.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t value their rights as women, and that they won’t strive to ensure that their fellow females around the world are empowered. Hos over bros, we have a sisterhood to maintain, and this book by Polly Vernon is one that most of us can relate to.

The Daughterhood by Natasha Fennell and Roisin Ingle


Nothing is more precious in life, than the bond between a mother and her daughter. This beautiful book is a body of works from daughters who are delving into their relationships with their mums, exploring the dynamic and sharing their stories, even though some are quite painful.

The older I get, the more I value my Mother. This is a nice read, although it’s a bit poignant at times, and has really made me appreciate my Mom and everything she has ever done for me.



Asking For It by Louise O’ Neill

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This book, by acclaimed Cork novelist, Louise O’Neill, is much darker than the previous reads on this list. It deals with a subject matter that some might find unsettling. The main character in the book, 18 year old Emma, is the victim of rape while on a night out. But was she asking for it?

The story is difficult to take at times and it really sucks you into it. It’s brilliantly written, razor sharp and stirs up a disturbing array of emotions whilst reading it. It is definitely a hugely necessary work of literature and a real eye-opener to the animosity that society  can have towards a victim.




Have you read any of these and what are your thoughts? And what are your top reads for 2016?

x S




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