Lush Stocking Fillers

Hey beauts!

I’m sure some of you, like me, are knee deep in presents, gift wrap and bows right about now. But here are some adorable little stocking stuffer ideas for those of you in need of some inspiration. These products are all from Lush‘s Christmas range and they are just gorge!

Check out Mr. Butterbear, so cute! He smells pretty great too, with his vanilla scent and he even has some cocoa butter to soften the skin. Yum!


I love this fruit punch scented ‘Cinders’ bath bomb. It also has popping candy in it for you to listen to as you unwind in the tub. Nice! 

Looky here at this beautiful wand! This Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar is all kinds of amazing. Isn’t it just majestic to look at? It also smells so festive, with its unique recipe of cinnamon, cloves and almond. I mean, come on, it even has a jingle bell. It just don’t get much more Christmassy than that.

If you’re picking up smaller items as gifts, I would also recommend the Yog Nog bath bomb- ‘sweeter than dipping into your biscuit tin’, the gorgeous vanilla scented Five Gold Rings bubble bar, the impossibly cute Peeping Santa bubble bar and Santa’s Lip Scrub to get those lips ready for your annual mistletoe action 😉

There’s also a fab selection of pre-packed gift boxes ranging in price from €10 upwards. I purchased Home For Christmas as a gift. The one thing I would definitely recommend checking is that you purchase a gift that can be used, i.e., if your friend doesn’t have a bath in their apartment, there are shower gift sets available.


Home for Christmas is one such set that can be used to make that shower a much more pleasant experience. It contains three lovely Lush products. It has Rose Jam shower gel, to leave you smelling like roses, Old Father Time soap, which is earthy and mystical all at once, with its earthy ingredients- thyme, sage and redcurrants, that are all infused with myrrh-which is a super regal Christmassy addition to any soap! The set also contains the ever popular Dream Cream body lotion to soothe, calm and hydrate your tired Christmas skin.

Whatever gift you choose, all the products in the Lush range are just that – lush. There’s plenty of pampering products to choose from.  I also love that the products are vegan and Lush is helping to support the fight against animal testing. That’s what we like to hear 🙂

I honestly hope you guys are all enjoying your holiday season this year, whichever holiday it is that  you celebrate. Have you guys been up to anything fun recently? And what are your holiday plans?

x S

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