Perfect Cover Up

Christmas is on its way, and that can only mean two things-shopping and nights out.

I popped into Inglot to have a look for my make-up junkie friends. I don’t know how it happened, but I ended up impulse buying some gifts for myself while having a scout around for some pressies for everybody else-whoops!

Inglot make-up is too hard to pass up, and I promised you all that if I found a good cruelty free foundation for nights out, I would let you know. So, I did it for you guys, I took one for the team πŸ™‚

The Inglot Perfect Cover Up HD Foundation is great for a night out.

 Let’s start with the packaging, which is nothing spectacular. It’s average, it looks like your typical foundation, but it’s not! This is a brilliant, brilliant base. I have to give it props for having a pump included though. I hate nothing more having to pay extra for a pump for a foundation that is already cheeky enough price wise. It also evenly measures out the product and the base rises upwards when you dispense it, so you always know how much make-up you have left. Genius!

The shade selection is great in this range. The foundation comes in 17 different shades, ranging from light to dark. I purchased 71, the lightest shade, because I am like Morticia in the winter 😦 76 is the most popular shade in Ireland, but what a boring world it would be if we were all the same.

I was so pleasantly surprised with the coverage that this foundation gives. I know it’s called Perfect Cover Up, so it kind of gives itself away, but this really does eliminate imperfections, blemishes, scarring and it even managed to smooth out my fine lines. Hallelujah!

The foundation isn’t 100% matte, not on my oily skin anyway, although it is supposed to prevent excess shine. I still went and set mine with a good amount of translucent powder. I often find that foundation that gives ‘healthy’ dewy looking skin can tend to look shiny on oily/combination skin more quickly than some other foundations on the market. Better safe than sweaty πŸ˜‰

This foundation is also enriched with white truffle extract, which prevents the skin from drying out, and it definitely made my skin noticeably softer. It is also hypoallergenic and has zero irritants in it.

As with most foundations, I found that this didn’t apply as flawlessly without a primer. I really noticed the difference between applications with and without a primer with this make up though. The product was much longer lasting after priming, and gave more even coverage.

Here I am looking like a twelve year old. Look at the unreal coverage though.

When the skin is primed properly, this foundation creates the most perfect healthy, fresh faced base. It is designed for use in HD film and photos, and it definitely creates a flawless finish.

*One minor downside to this: It is quite a heavy formula and you have to work quickly to blend it in. It also might be too much coverage for everyday use in some people’s estimation. Flawless coverage is right up my street though.

Overall, it’s definitely worth the €33.  It’s like a vegan version of MAC StudioFix Fluid in terms of coverage, something which I have been on a mission to find. It also photographs beautifully, and really diffuses its light particles properly. It’s stunning, and I definitely recommend trying this one.

Quick-Put it on your Christmas list!!

x S

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