Urban Decay Smoky Palette Review

My bestie finally managed to get her paws on the much coveted smoky edition to the Naked collection for me, for my birthday. Is it worth all the hype? Yes, definitely!

The beautifully packaged palette contains twelve eye shadow shades, which vary in texture – from light and shimmery, to satin, to buttery mattes. There are some gorgeous colours in here to create a stunning smoky eye. There is also the option to create something truly wearable, or something that little bit more dramatic.

There is also a great brow bone highlight featured, Thirteen, and the palette also includes a fab transition shade, Combust, which is handy for blending.

I will be featuring some looks from the palette on here in the next few days. So far, my favourite shadow is Armor, a sparkly silver-taupe colour that is beautiful with a black tight line for a minimal, yet chic, look.

High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor
Slanted, Dagger, Black Market, Smolder
Password, Whiskey, Combust, Thirteen
I am also a massive fan of champagne shades, High, and warm bronzes, Dirtysweet and Radar, because, personally, I feel they are more wearable than blacks and greys. Don’t get me wrong, the palette features one of the most amazingly pigmented blacks I have ever used-Black Market, and I rather love the metallic plum coloured Smolder too, but the bronze tones are easier to wear IMO.

The palette features a full mirror and a double ended ‘floating smoke’ effect brush, as well as a booklet on how to create the perfect smoky eye. The brush is fab, as it has a flush brush on one end, for perfect blendability, and a smudge brush on the other end to really smoke out your look.

Be warned that there is a tiny bit of fall-out from some of these shadows, mainly from Armor, so it’s best to do your eyes before applying your foundation. 

All in all it’s a handy little palette to have, and I love all the versatile shades. Really wearable, has multiple uses and I give it a massive thumbs up.

Have any of you bought this? And what’s your verdict?

x S

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