Nip+Fab: Absolutely FABulous

Soooooooo…. For all you skincare lovers out there, Penneys/Primark (every fashionista’s favourite hang out) will soon be stocking Nip+Fab skin and body care range.

This beauty brand was established by Maria Hatzistefanisi (who also founded Rodial). There is a lot of excitement about these products, which have been called a  ‘premium skincare brand’ for everyday concerns at everyday prices.

The products feature smoothing, firming and innovative ingredients, such as glycolic and hyaluronic acid fixes (the old reliables), as well as cool wrinkle fix remedies-which all come sans the needle, phew!

No needle, but you might get a bite off the Viper Venom range, whose eye and night creams have key ingredients that supposedly freeze wrinkles instantly! Right up my street, now that my birthday is nearly upon me. I’m sure some of the rest of you are with me on this one. If this thing works near as well as it says it does, Botox bills will be halved countrywide 😉

There is also a Bee Sting collection, which apparently plumps wrinkles by tricking skin into thinking it has been stung. Some of the Bee Sting products aren’t vegan-friendly, however, if that’s a concern of yours.

Nip+Fab have treatments for all parts of the body (I’m talking boobs, tummies, the whole shabang). There are definitely products catering to all skin types in this brand, and there are some really high end ingredients used for some very small prices. Prices start at €8 and the most expensive item (in Penneys) will cost a mere €12! Six Penneys stores nationwide are stocking these products right now, and they should be hitting a store near you very soon.

Some Nip+Fab products are currently on sale in Boots, but at a more expensive price point.

Have any of you guys used these products already? Let us know if they’re going to live up to the rest of our great expectations!

x S

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