The #1 product in my make-up bag has, definitely, got to be a great foundation. Foundation enhances one’s natural beauty by evening out any pigmentation, scarring or discolouration, and by balancing skin tone. Overall, it helps to create a flawless face.

Recently, however, I have been using some different products, because many of our fave cult beauty buys are now being stocked in China, where animal testing is mandatory on products that are being imported into the country. This has definitely made me rethink the brands that I am using, as in this day and age, I feel there is little need for animal testing on products – especially from brands that were once entirely cruelty-free and worked to advocate animal rights.

Here are some great cruelty-free foundation alternatives, for those of you wanting to support the PETA movement, and help to protect our little animal friends.

1) The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF 15

This foundation creates a natural complexion, and makes your skin look dewy and fresh. It provides good coverage and has a nice consistency, at a very reasonable price. There is even a pump included.

This is a good day time foundation, and the best part is – it’s on the PETA list.

2) Bare Escentuals Original Foundation Broad Spectrum

This mineral foundation really helps achieve the ‘no make-up’ look, while providing great coverage that lasts up to 8 hours. The award-winning formula contains skin clearing properties, and is proven to visibly improves the appearance of skin. My friend uses this all the time and she looks so natural, but with absolutely perfect skin.

I hope this is a help to some of you who are struggling to find products that are as kind to animals as they are to your skin. I would suggest using these foundations by day, or in the summer, when your skin is bronzed and beautiful anyway. I promise I will do a night time edit soon. I’m just changing up my products at the mo, but will let you know what works when I find it.

If any of you have any great cruelty-free make-up suggestions, do let me know.


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