The Trends That Got Me Through It

As I sit on my bed, listening to the 2 year old and the 1 year old having a wailing match, while contemplating whether or not to bathe, I am reminiscing on all the trends that helped me look semi-‘stylish’ over the last few years.

1) The messy bun

Thank God for my messy friend. My hair was thrown up in 2 seconds, and voila! Instantly trendy.

This little wonder also meant that I didn’t have to cut my hair regularly for two years, because no one could see it.

I’m dreading this season’s short style, however. Too much maintenance, and the last time I had a bob, I looked like Ashton Kutcher. He’s a handsome man, but it really wasn’t a good look on me.

2) The ‘no make-up’ make-up look

My saviour! Thankfully, the glamathon jets have been cooling off for the last while. Who has the time to do full make up, inc. fake eyelashes and drawn on eyebrows, with children? I think it’s unfair to place that unnecessary burden on people!

Luckily, the natural make up trend is set to continue for the next while. Phew! Lock those eyeshadows away for the foreseeable.

3) The boyfriend jeans…

…And boyfriend socks, and boyfriend hoodies, and, basically, my man’s entire wardrobe when I was in need of some super comfy loungewear. I didn’t really wear his jeans though. I invested in some super comfy ones of my own. God send!

4) Slouchy, oversized knit wear

It hid a multitude of postpartum sins. I suppose I’ll have to start thinking of getting the bikini bod ready now 😦

5) Flats and trainers

These were great for a bit of comfort with two tiny tots, but I’m ready to burn my Converse in favour of some sky scraping stilettos right about now!

Although I’m not a huge believer in trends, I really embraced these ones.

Happy Saturday everyone! I suppose I’ll go brave that shower now 🙂


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