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It’s 8pm on a Thursday night, and I have never felt tiredness like this before. And it’s not even Friday yet *sob* 😦 So, before I hit the hay for an early night – a rare treat these days, I am going to blog about the best beauty treatment ever imo. I know I’ve been skiving off my blogging duties over the last few weeks, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

As some of you already know, my skin is infamously prone to blemishes. Even if it was in locked up in Alcatraz, it would still manage to break out. I can maintain it better now that I am almost 30 -ick, but it’s been a bit of a sh*t rollercoaster ride for me and my skin over the last decade tbh.

Anyway, sometime before Christmas, I went to a local beauticians to have Microdermabrasion done. I had heard amazing stories of how I would look years younger, and it would be great for the appearance of my problem skin. I was really looking forward to it, but…


The therapist I spoke to recommended a Dermalogica MediBac facial instead, as my skin hasn’t really aged per se (probably thanks to all that excess oil – silver lining), but I had open pores and generally, quite an unpleasant mess on my little visage 😦

For those of you who have used Dermalogica before, you’ll know that their consultants ‘prescribe’ products for your face after carrying out what is known as face mapping – a chart of all your face’s imperfections, and areas that need working on. I was horrified by my face map, and really took the beautician’s advice on board. I used the MediBac facials in conjunction with a combination of products from the MediBac and UltraCalming systems. They also have a ClearStart system for all you beauty obsessed teenagers out there.

The Dermalogica trained therapist did her thing and carried out the facial. Parts of the procedure stung a teeny tiny bit, apparently that’s a sign that your skin is really being cleansed properly. No pain, no gain 😉 She also selected the products I, personally, needed to obtain perfect skin. I left the salon with the barest slick of tinted moisturiser on, and was shamefaced because of how red and puffy my poor unloved, mistreated skin was.


The following morning, I noticed a marked, near miraculous, improvement on the overall condition of my skin. The redness was totally gone from it, and any inflammation was totally calmed and soothed. My pores looked ions smaller, my skin looked really bright. It was amazing!

I have continued to use the following products to keep it clear, and need to replenish my supplies now actually:

Skin Kit MediBac Clearing – a cost effective way to get a small taster of the most used MediBac products


Ultra Calming Cleanser

Clearing Mattifier – I found this one incredible. The silicones in this help to diminish fine lines, and in my opinion the product really worked. My skin felt smooth and protected, like it was wrapped in cotton wool or something, and true to title, it was clear and matt – funny that 🙂

Overnight Clearing Gel – This was another skin saviour. A combination of Tea Tree and Green Tea work towards clearing excess sebum from the root of the hair follicle. It really helped to reduce redness and inflammation in my case.

Sebum Clearing Masque

Gentle Cream Exfoliant 

Concealing Spot Treatment

These products really do vastly improve skin condition with continued use. It is recommended you have MediBac facials in conjunction with using the daily skincare products in this program. I would say that the only downside is the pricing really. However, the products that I asterisked are the ones that I would definitely recommend for anyone with oily/acne prone skin and are the main ones to have.

The products are amazing and there’s such a noticeable difference in my complexion while using them that I wouldn’t have any issues going barefaced. The only other time that I, personally, achieved the same astonishingly clear skinned results was when I was on Tetralysal, a prescribed antibiotic for breakouts. That’s really saying something.

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