Swan Lake

Hey guys!

I was just having a look for some gifts online (I’m not able for going to shops when they’re tearing busy, it upsets me), when I stumbled across these stunning tutu dresses from the Leigh Tucker Willow Collection at Dunnes Stores. They remind me a little bit of the stunning Tutu du Monde Oh My Gold collection, but at a much more attainable price point. They are feathered, fluffy and remind me of Swan Lake, my favourite Christmas ballet.

€30 Toddler Girls Milk Dress
Toddler Milk Dress €30
Toddler Girls Tutu Dress €30
Sparkle Cape €25
Girls Sequin Tee €12
tiered tulle skirt
Girls Tiered Tulle Skirt €25
Ballerina Glitter Shoe €22
Ballerina Glitter Shoe €22

Perfect for your Christmas fairy! What’s not to love about these?!

Check out Willow by Leigh Tucker on www.dunnesstores.com.

xx ❤ Sarah

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