The Refurb

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well.

Last July marked our 2 year anniversary in our current abode. A week after we moved in, I had Amelie. Things were hectic. Decorating had to take a backseat 😦 Eight months later, I found out I was expecting again. Things got even more hectic, the house started to become like something Shakin’ Stevens would sing about!  Now, FINALLY, we have started the much anticipated refurb-phew! We still have a long way to go, but here’s an idea of what we’ve done to date.

My absolute favourite room is my son’s. I love it. It’s bright, it’s cool and it’s a space which I feel is suitable for a baby and for a little boy. I still have to move him into his own room, he’s still so little, but here’s an idea of how it looks so far.


The vibrant orange paint is Dulux Super Split. I think it works amazingly well with the navy blue curtains from Littlewoods. Two walls are painted Magnolia, to keep the room bright and airy, and the wall, opposite the orange wall, is painted in a contrasting light coffee colour-Dulux Soft Mocha.

The beautiful rocking chair was given to me by my aunt. It was painted, again in Soft Mocha, but in the Satinwood finish. I love it. The soft furnishings, featured in this pic, are both from Mamas and Papa’s. The cushion is from the Patternology range, which largely inspired the colour scheme for the room. The LED canvas is from the Timbuktales range.

House4The stars light up. It’s adorable.

House5These cute safari toy boxes are from Argos.

We went with the Patternology bedding as well.

IMG_2684.JPG Love it.

I’ll do a ‘Through the Keyhole’ on another room later in the week, as all this talk of bedding and rocking chairs is making me very sleepy.

So long, farewell, aufwiedersehen, goodnight

❤ Sarah xx

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